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VERSION 1 (2000) 

The original Illawarra Remnant Bushland Database (2000) was a community initiative by the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, developed with funding assistance from the NSW Government's Environmental Trust and the Illawarra Catchment Management Committee. The data for this version came from a wide range of published and unpublished sources, principally, lists of species compiled by Mark Robinson, Anders Bofeldt and Kevin Mills. The original vegetation database was compiled by Mark Robinson. The web database was compiled by Chris J. Chafer for the Nature Conservation Council (2000). Sites numbered between 1 and 507 have been retained from the original database.

VERSION 2 (2011)

Version 2 of the Illawarra Bushland Database is an update of version 1 of the Database. It retains all the original data and includes 228 additional sites. It also includes improvements to search functions and mapping. The development of this version has been co-ordinated by Jedda Lemmon on behalf of Wollongong City Council, Shellharbour City Council and Kiama Municipal Council under the Illawarra Biodiversity and Food Security Strategy Project, funded by the NSW Environmental Trust.

  • Data Collation: Jedda Lemmon, Ailee Calderbank, Peter Gill, Alison Mellor, Gary Leonard
  • Database development: Damian Gibbins
  • Data entry: Diana King
  • Digitising mapping for new sites: Diana King
  • Photography: Jedda Lemmon ©
  • Web site development and data migration: Internetrix

We would also like to acknowledge Belinda Pellow (Janet Cosh Herbarium, University of Wollongong), for assistance with the taxonomic review.

Sites numbered between 1001 and 1250 have been collated as part of the updated Illawarra Bushland Database (2011).

The Illawarra Councils would like to acknowledge and thank those sources who have agreed to provide data for inclusion in the Database.


If you need to cite data from the Illawarra Bushland Database please follow this protocol.

Cite specific species lists as:

Recorder(s) (year of list) (Title of the report). Retrieved on (insert the current date) from the Illawarra Bushland Database 2011, Version 2 from

Example for site #1008 (with report title):

De Lacey, C. and Chamberlain, S. (2005) Blackbutt Reserve Bushfire Management Plan. Retrieved on 29 November 2011 from the Illawarra Bushland Database 2011, Version 2 from

Example for site #32 (with no report title):

Bofeldt, A. (1985) Species list for Mangerton Park, Mangerton. Retrieved on 29 November 2011 from the Illawarra Bushland Database 2011, Version 2 from



Requests and enquiries can be made to Wollongong City Council, Environment Strategic Planning Division. Phone: 02 42 277 111.